Customer Feedback is vital

Recent polls show that most users carry out research before making big and small purchases online.

  • Negative reviews have huge effects in whether or not a user goes through with a purchase.
  • Positive reviews increase trust and result in more sales and customers are happy to pay slightly more for a well reviewed product.

A business’s reputation is always surrounded by risk online due to the following factors:

  • Unreasonable customer demands
  • Irritated ex-employees
  • Unethical competition

Implementing a system such a ReviewAdvisor actively promotes positive feedback.

Is today’s internet culture, more than ever people are making their voices heard, especially if they’ve had a negative experience.

By taking control and asking for feedback positive reviews can hugely out-number negative reviews (as long as you provide a good experience for the customer). By asking you encourage positive responses as most customers will know the damage a negative review can cause and will be more likely to leave a positive review.

A system such as ReviewAdvisor promotes genuine customer reviews from people who’ve actually experienced what your business has to offer, it’s completely legal and ethical. It also aids the tracking of staff performance from a real world perspective.

Many “offline” businesses such as restaurants and bars believe that the online world doesn’t affect them, but research shows that’s not true, more and more people will use a search engine to find out information about a potential restaurant before visiting. A local restaurant may have many happy customers that aren’t being represented as there’s no streamlined way to leave a review without the hassle of filling in long winded forms, ReviewAdvisor solves that.